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Definitive Reviews of London’s Indian Restaurants

Chor Bizarre 5

“Would Sir like to add a gratuity?” asked the waiter as he proffered the credit card payment machine. Answer: “No, because you’ve already added a 12.5% service charge to the bill.”

You don’t often come across the double-tip scam in London these days, particularly as the Good Food Guide ran a successful campaign to discredit restaurants that do this. But perhaps because it’s in Mayfair, the owners of Chor Bizarre think they can try it on because the clients will either be too rich to notice or too foreign to understand that they are being sculpted.

Which is a pity because the food is actually quite good. Our starters comprised a Keema Tak-a-Tak, a lamb dish that I have not encountered before and Crab Cakes, which were a bit dry. My main course Chicken Chettinad was pleasant and the Haaq (fresh spinach) was delicious.

So, on the basis of the food I would have given this 7/10. But they lose a point for being far too expensive – well over £60 a head for a two-course meal with a few beers. And they lose a further point for trying to overcharge us.