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Definitive Reviews of London’s Indian Restaurants

La Porte Des Indes 1

From the outside, this restaurant near Marble Arch looks nothing special. But there is a “Tardis effect” at work here. Inside it is vast, spanning two levels, with a connecting marble staircase, a large waterfall and lots of lush foliage.

So it’s a pity that the food is so mind-numbingly bland. The cuisine is described as “French Indian fusion”. A sharing menu with four starters and four main courses offers to showcase the best of this fusion. Well, if this is the best, forget the rest. Bland, watery and total lacking in any spiciness.

This place is also expensive, with the main set menu (when I last checked) priced at £27. Even people who like the food complain that it is over-priced.

I also had a problem with the service in that it was too efficient. We were rushed through the whole meal in about 45 minutes, so it was hardly a big night out.

Overall I would recommend it as a film location, but not as a restaurant.