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Definitive Reviews of London’s Indian Restaurants

Ajanta Tandoori 5

“That was the golden age for us” said the waiter, thinking back to the time when the BBC’s mighty Lime Grove Studios operated just a few hundred metres away, providing a daily supply of hungry hacks to come a eat a curry after Nationwide or Newsnight had gone off the air.

Unfortunately Lime Grove closed in 1991 and the hacks were moved north to Television Centre. As a result the Ajanta Tandoori is a pale shadow of its former self. Started in one shop unit just off Shepherds Bush Green, it swallowed up the neighbouring shop to double its size. But on the night we went, there just a handful of diners huddled among the plastic plants, eating to the sound of “new age” music that had irritatingly been left with a single track on continuous repeat play.

The menu selection was distinctly average with no real surprises, and the food was pleasant but unremarkable. The only redeeming feature was that the meal (and the very drinkable house wine) was reasonably priced.

My advice would be to walk a further half-mile down to Hammersmith where there are some much better alternatives (reviewed elsewhere).