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Definitive Reviews of London’s Indian Restaurants

Bengal Lancer 10


I have eaten here at various times over a period of at least twenty years, and I have observed the evolution of this restaurant to what it is today. Originally it occupied a single shop unit, but around 15 years ago it expanded to take over the neighbouring unit. Then it must have hit hard times, as it has now shrunk back to being a single unit.

But on my most recent visit, the food was fantastic – better than I have ever had there, and certainly better that found in posh restaurants listed on The Sunday Times “Food List” (I’m thinking of places like Rasoi and Benares).

It helps that the Bengal Lancer has a large menu, and that many of the dishes are not readily found elsewhere. I particularly like the Konjee Lamb, a starter that is similar in texture to Fried Chilli Beef found on many Chinese restaurant menus. We also had Liver Hazri and something called Flowers of Bengal, which was a pleasant vegetable dish made from cauliflower.

But it was my main course choice of Kalapuri Chicken (described as “the manager’s favourite”) that completely outclassed normal standards. It was pleasantly hot and deliciously succulent. I don’t know wheter they’ve got a new chef, but they’ve certainly upped their game with a meal like this.

Add in the fact that service is friendly and efficient, and that prices are very reasonable, and the The Bengal Lancer scores well on all fronts. I will be heading back to Kentish Town for another visit very soon.