Vindaloo Vic

Definitive Reviews of London’s Indian Restaurants

Cinnamon Bazaar 7

It’s certainly different. The chef has taken a variety of influences from all over the Indian subcontinent, shaken them up and come up with a menu of dishes that you would not have encountered before.

So we decided the best thing was to share lots of dishes tapas-style to decide which were the best.

Our starters included Chicken Haleem (basically a chicken pate in a jar), Kadhai Spiced ‘Bullet’ Chillies (which sound hot, but aren’t very) and a couple of their Chaats (there’s a choice of six types so we went with what the waitress recommended).

Our main courses consisted of Tandoori Kentish Lamb Fillet, Lamb Roganjosh Shepherd’s Pie (which was good, but almost exactly like any other Shepherd’s Pie), Vindaloo of Ox Cheek and Lahore Style Kadhai Chicken Leg.

We did have a selection of desserts; the home-made ice cream was particularly good.

On the plus side, all the dishes were pleasant and a bit unusual. On the negative side, the portions were small and there wasn’t really anything spicy about any of them.

But the service was excellent — friendly and helpful. And it didn’t actually cost as much as I thought it would.