Vindaloo Vic

Definitive Reviews of London’s Indian Restaurants

Curry Palace 3

For a start there is some confusion about the name; on the bill they refer to themselves as the “Curry Place”. “Palace” sounds better, but it gives a somewhat misleading idea of what to expect.

I went here a week after my excellent experience at the nearby Spice of India (q.v.). This place could not have been more different.

I began with the Mixed Starter. Fine as far as it went — which wasn’t very far as the portion was miniscule. Our mains included a Chicken Vindaloo and an Achary Chicken. The former was OK, if again rather mean in size; the Achary was really not very nice, having a slightly soapy taste to it. On to the desserts, and I tied their Gulab Jamun. Again the portion was so small that I would have needed a high-powered electron microscope to see it.

The service was adequate, if rather indifferent.

This place is clearly patronised by the ever-changing passing trade of Bayswater’s main thoroughfare, Queensway (mainly tourists). So it probably does OK in terms of people giving it a try, but I doubt whether it gets much repeat business. Alas there’ll be no return by Vindaloo Vic.