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Definitive Reviews of London’s Indian Restaurants

Darjeeling Express 5

Situated high above a bustling courtyard just off Carnaby Street, the setting for this restaurant is light and airy. The Website boasts of “a lovely melange of street food” that takes you “on a journey from Calcutta in the east of India to Hyderabad in the south.”

Unfortunately, judging from the menu, it’s a journey without many stops along the way. The choice on offer is very limited. On the night we went there were just five starters, so we decided to order them all and share. They included Paneer Samosa, Tangra Chilli Garlic Chilli Prawns and Puchkas (wheat and semolina shells filled with chickpeas and potatoes).

To be fair, these were very generally tasty, although the portions were modest. They were really more like canapes than restaurant dishes.

It was at the main course that the thing really fell apart. There was again a very limited choice, with only one chicken dish – a Methi Chicken that was rather bland. One of my colleagues tried the Goat Kosha Mangsho, but that too had little flavour. A Prawn Malaikari was equally unremarkable.

The service was friendly enough, and the bill came to less than I had feared (given that the mains were relatively expensive). However I don’t think I’ll be climbing aboard the Darjeeling Express again any time soon.