Vindaloo Vic

Definitive Reviews of London’s Indian Restaurants

Delhi Grill 7

According to its own description, this is a “canteen” rather than a formal restaurant. And indeed the décor is fairly basic, with long wooden tables, hard seats and walls festooned with colourful posters.

The menu (which is printed on the table mat) is reasonably short. As we were eating late in the evening, we just ordered a whole load of stuff and told them to bring it all at the same time: Tarka Dhal, Raiklway Lamb (a spicy lamb and potato curry), Dhaba Chicken, Lamb Chops, Tandoori Paneer, Chicken Tikka, as well as a selection of poppadoms, vegetables and rice.

Service was efficient and friendly, and the food did indeed arrive quickly. None of the dishes were particularly special, but they were tasty.

Best of all, the place is very cheap. I was pleasantly surprised by the bill, particularly as none of us had held back on the beers and wines.

So Delhi Grill is not necessarily a place to while away a lengthy evening, but it’s ideal for a snack or a late meal after a show.