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Definitive Reviews of London’s Indian Restaurants

Dishoom Carnaby 7

Having eaten at two other Dishooms (if that’s the correct plural), it was only a matter of time before I came to this one is Soho. The setting is not as spectacular as the one near King’s Cross, but it is a big place, with a series of interconnecting rooms leading off from the main bar area.

You can’t book at Dishoom unless you come as a party of six or more people (which we did). As a result there is usually a long queue outside. This has the effect of hyping the place up. So does Dishoom Carnaby live up to these expectations?

The main thing you need to know is that they operate a tapas-style menu, so the food you order arrives in no particular order. This makes life very easy for the chefs, but I must say I find it slightly frustrating. I like a meal with starter followed by a main course. It also means that you tend to eat your meal more quickly – which is great for them, as they can get you out quicker and give the table to someone else.

Having said that the standard of the food is actually very good. Our dishes included Grilled Masala Prawns, their “Chicken Ruby” (mild but tasty), Chicken Berry Britannia (a biryani), Dishoom Calamari and Mahi Tikka.

The other good thing is the price. It really isn’t expensive (and that includes the price of the drinks). And because the place is always packed, it’s festive and lively. Dishoom knows exactly what’s it’s trying to achieve, and does it very successfully.