Vindaloo Vic

Definitive Reviews of London’s Indian Restaurants

Golden Shalimar 4

This is another of the many establishments set up to lure visitors and tourists as they pour out of Paddington station for what may be their first visit to London. The establishment itself is quite basic, with seats packed quite closely together. It does claim to have been trading since 1956, which would make it one of London’s earliest Indian restaurants.

In terms of food, this is the Indian restaurant equivalent of a “quickie” — fast and furious with not much emotional engagement! The whole three-course meal (plus coffee) was over in 35 minutes. So I suppose this place is ideal if you are really hungry, in a desperate hurry or have no attention span at all.

After an OK Prawn Puree I went for their Hariyali Chicken, a dish that is supposedly cooked in “green herbs gravy”, but there was nothing distinctive about the taste.

In summary the place is ordinary and dull; there is nothing that would tempt me to return. I also note that other reviews on the internet are universally scathing.