Vindaloo Vic

Definitive Reviews of London’s Indian Restaurants

Indian Lounge 7

This is a very popular restaurant directly opposite Kings Cross station. There is a main room on the ground floor, but then there are two further rooms in the basement, one of which is festooned with fake plastic greenery to give a sort of jungle effect.

I have now been to Indian Lounge three times, and in each case it has been a jolly experience, with charming staff and efficient service. But I think the food is not that good and the standard is inconsistent.

Starters: Spicy Konjee Lamb is a great dish that’s not easy to find, but here it was slightly glutinous and a bit disappointing. The Malai Tikka and Chicken Chilli Fry were rather better.

As for the main courses, the Chicken Chilli was quite good, although not particularly hot. One of my colleagues said the Salmon Mirchi Walla (salmon wrapped in a banana leaf) was very tasty.

On none of my three visits has my appetite stretched to a dessert, which is probably a good sign. The house red wine is definitely rough, so I’d advise going for something a bit better.

Overall, a good experience but I don’t think it will ever be one of the greats.