Vindaloo Vic

Definitive Reviews of London’s Indian Restaurants

Khan’s of Kensington 5


Khan’s used to be one of my favourites. Not anymore. They’re obviously under new management because the food was much less good than it used to be. My main course Murg Adrakwala was mild and had very little flavour – not like the old days.

And then they completely spoiled the evening by asking for a “double tip”. When presenting the credit card machine, the waiter asked us if we would like to add a “gratuity”. We pointed out that a 10% service charge had already been added to the bill.

 Whether you call it a tip, a service charge or a gratuity, it’s all the same thing. What do they expect – a further 10% on top of the 10% (equivalent to a total gratuity of 21%)?

When we declined to add the second “tip”, it made us look mean and ungrateful.
This really is sharp practice, because a lot of diners (maybe the worse for alcohol) might not realise that they’ve already been charged a service charge on the bill.

I won’t be going back.