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Definitive Reviews of London’s Indian Restaurants

Republic 7

Republic is a relatively new restaurant that was set up by two former employees of Kricket (q.v.). According to their website, the aim was to “inject new energy into the dining scene in Chiswick:.

The menu is very short, comprising around 15 dishes which are not divided into “starters” or “mains” as such.

We went to Republic with a view to sharing lots of dishes. So our starters included Granny Smith Apple & Ginger Pani Puri, Greenpea & Mature Cheddar Vada-Pao and Sweet Potato & Jersey Royal Chaat – the latter being the most tasty.

In fact all the starters were interesting and unusual. After this the concensus was that the main courses were something of a disappointment – not least because the short menu severely limited our choices. So, for example, there was Classic Chicken Masala, which was very good – but that was the only Indian chicken dish available (I don’t count “Chicken and Chips”). Similarly there was just one lamb dish, one prawn dish and various quirky choices such as Tandoori Norfolk Rabbit Leg and Rechado Grilled Octopus.

The selection of deserts extended to a choice of just two ice cream-based concoctions.

I don’t know how often they plan to change their menu, but I think the lack of choice would deter many people from making frequent return visits. I also think that the service, although efficient, was completely lacking in any charm or warmth. Let’s see what happens.