Vindaloo Vic

Definitive Reviews of London’s Indian Restaurants

Tandoori Villa 3

The activities of other diners are not usually a factor in determining whether or not a meal out is enjoyable. Unfortunately that was not the case on the evening we ventured to Ealing, “Queen of the Suburbs”, to try this place out.

On the adjoining table were some 12 sixth-form schoolboys who were celebrating the end of their exams. Although well-meaning, their drunken antics culminated in one member of the party being sick on his plate – he continued with his meal nonetheless. Further diversion was provided by the arrival of a local vagrant who proceeded to expose himself to the assembled diners.

I can’t directly blame the restaurant for any of this, but it did not help turn our visit into a “quality leisure experience.”

The food itself was distinctly average. I had been recommended their Chicken Phal (not on the menu), but it was clearly just a case of someone emptying a tin of curry powder into one of the milder dishes. A Ginger Chicken was somewhat more convincing. The service was slow.

Finally I should warn prospective diners that the setting is pretty basic. The word “Villa” in the restaurant name is somewhat misleading and you have to bring your own booze. But at least it’s cheap, so you get what you pay for — with or without drunken schoolboys or a flashing tramp.