Vindaloo Vic

Definitive Reviews of London’s Indian Restaurants

Zayna 6

A few paces from the over-priced and mediocre Porte des Indes (q.v.), this is a smart establishment that specialises in North Indian/Pakistani cuisine.

They boast that all their spices are ground in-house, that dishes are marinated overnight and that only free-range meat is used. This of course suggests that it is going to be quite pricey — which it is.

We decided to try some unusual starters, including Mango Salad (including red onion and passion fruit – excellent) and Lahori Mucchi, a dish of deep-fried cod fillet balls (interesting). But the Kutchoomer Salad (“an invigorating combination of diced apples, etc. ) was very unexciting –just like the free salad garnish you usually get with a Tandoori Chicken.

The main courses were equally variable, with an excellent Baati Gosht (“a traditional Punjabi market dish”) being the best of our choices.

The service is efficient and friendly. I wouldn’t rush to go back there, but it’s quite a useful place if you fancy something with an upmarket feel.